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Bentonville District Court (Benton County, AR) Record Search Procedures

The Court Clerk at the Bentonville District court has determined that the court will no longer perform record searches for the public without a written affidavit. The court's public index is available online at Please note that the online docket site only dates back to May 2013.

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Problems for Name Searches at Chambers County (TX) Courts

The courts in Chambers County Texas have converting both their online system and in-house public access terminals to a new system - Odyssey (Tyler Technologies). The issue is currently the system does not allow a name search; at present one can only do a search by case number. Also, with the move to Odyssey, Chambers is now no longer on the system. The court personnel are doing their best to accommodate researchers, but they have a huge, huge backlog. So I suspect there will be delays for a while.

Arizona Superior and Justice Courts

Effective August 9, 2017, numerous Superior and Justice Court fees increased in Arizona. The Clerk's record search fee at the Superior Court increased from $27.00 to $28.00. The same increase also takes place for a record certification - from $27.00 to $28.00. Similar fee increases also occurred at the Justice Court level with the search and certification fees both increasing from $25.00 to $26.00.